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Welcome to the Article Section of

The articles presented here have been kindly composed by the respective authors for our website or have included in the site with permission by the authors. If you would like to contribute with an article, please get in touch with us.

  • the Stapeliae
    In this short introduction Loukie gives brief and gentle introduction to the world of these wonderful creatures.

  • Cultivation and Propagation
    An interesting read for anyone interested in growing stapeliads. Written by Loukie Viljoen, this article describes the basic techniques for sowing and growing stapeliads, presenting also the soil recipe currently in use by the author.

  • Stapeliads: Morphology and Pollination
    Full PDF version of the excellent work by Iztok Mulej and Matija Strlic appeared on Welwitchia 5 (1-4) in 2002. It describes the different stem morphologies in stapeliads as well as showing in detail how to proceed with the pollination of these plants, a rather difficult and complex task.

  • Stapeliads: a new checklist (2010)
    A new Checklist of the Stapeliads proposed by Darrel Plowes. This document represents Darrel's idea of the new taxonomy and will be published by Robin Frandsen. It is presented here to users to look at and get familiar with.

  • Chronology of Stapeliads
    A wonderful and intriguing set of historical notes on the discovery and study of Stapeliads in centuries, collected by Loukie Viljoen from the rare volumes from "the Stapeliae" by White and Sloane.

  • Definition and Delineation of Stapeliad Genera
    An article by Darrel Plowes (appeared also on Aloe 33, 1996) dealing with a very interesting question : what is really constituting a genus?.

Collection Contributions
  • Building a Collection
    Wonderful contribution by Dennis de Kock, distinguished and well-known stapeliad and ceropegia grower. This article is Dennis' introduction to his contribution of almost 400 unique shots of stapeliads to our project, in September 2008.

Our website
  • Guide to
    An introduction to the usage and features of our website.

  • The Database features a rather complex structure based on the integration of different data sets (nomenclature, field data, images, notes etc.). The detail of the architecture is wholly described here.

  • Contributing to our website
    If you want to contribute to our project, there are several ways to help.

  • Known Bugs and Wishlist
    A list of known issues and bugs in and a list of missing or proposed features.

  • Help Pages
    A collection of short explainations on this or that feature or operations on

  • About us
    Who we are, our website and its technologies.

Links and other resources
  • the IAS
    The International Asclepiad Society is the main international organization dedicated to Asclepiads, their study and cultivation. This introduction has been kindly written for by Chris Moore, asclepiad enthusiast.

  • Links
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