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First Edited October, 8th, 2005
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1. Mission
2. Subscribe and stay with us
3. Take part to the Community Forum
4. Submit your proposals to the database
5. Submit articles and Specimen entities
6. Become a Site Reviewer

Honestly, we have put a really big amount of time and effort trying to produce a good resource.

Good means that Loukie tried to collect crisp, detailed and colorful images, visually pleasant and rich in details, accompanying them with meaningful information when available - including historical and botanical notes gathered through research, bibliography and personal communications.

Good means that Fabio tried to plan and realize a brand new site architecture by designing from scratch all parts of the server software running, trying to keep the content as sleek and elegant as possible, but light and essential at the same time, without overloading your browser and modem.

We like the idea to share all this with you - not only - we like the idea to ask you to become part of the project.

Our hope is that, while browsing our site, you will feel the same push we felt almost two years ago when we started to work on this project. The push to contribute, the need to share with others, the will to do something for all of those who live the borderless, ethereal world of the internet.

If you are considering to accept our mission and become a part of our project, there are several things you can do, ranging from simple things demanding little time to more time and effort demanding tasks.

As simple as it sounds: subscribe to, keep visiting the site, read, explore, and let us know what you think about

If you find bugs or spelling errors, even the two minutes it will take you to drop us an email will be your way to contribute. Even a small comment can help us improving the site to a great extent. maintains a thematic forum dedicated to the Stapeliads and to the website.

You can take part in the forum and post questions and answers, write your own thoughts, comments, cultivation notes, and whatever comes into your mind. You can post also images of your plants.

The forum is moderated but is open to anybody and divided in several channels, to suit the needs of newbies, experienced growers, botanists. Taking part to the forum will obviously require more time on your end than to the occasional visitor, but your contribute will be more visible and important.

Registered users already have the priviledge to submit posts on the forum - just enter the forum (top menubar, click "forum", choose a channel and start writing). The heart of the is its complex database of nomenclatural and specimen data - notes, locality data, historical notes and images. Thousands of entries representing years of works by different people are all there available for you to read and browse.

If you don't feel only the need to read and see what others had to say, but feel you would like to add something on your own as well, if you have information or images of Stapeliads in habitat or cultivation (especially if your specimens have good locality and source data) you can submit this information and images to the database.

Images, good cultivation hints, a nice historical note, a nomenclatural discussion or just your thought on this or that taxon... this is what user proposals are for. Submissions by users. You can propose whatever you think it is appropriate, through the SI Database.

One of the site editors or reviewers will check your proposal and enclose it in the site, giving you extensive credits. Unlike forum posts which will be part of a community dialogue, your proposals to the database, once accepted, will become a permanent part of the database, available for all users.

Registered users already have the priviledge to propose additions to the database. Just browse the SI-Database, enter the genus or species you are interested in and click on "Propose Comment" - once proposed, your comment will need to be approved by a site reviewer - this can take a few days. Once you'll be happy with your proposals to the database we bet you'll feel more and more allured to take part to our project in a more deep and concrete way.

Submitting whole articles to be included in the "Article Repository" of the site is for sure one of the best ways to contribute - your article will be made available to thousands of visitors. They will learn about Stapeliads from your words.

Another solid way to contribute is submitting S.I. entities to the database - if you do have interesting entities with good locality and determination data available, you can enlarge the spectrum of entities of the SI database by submitting your owns.

Registered users cannot automatically submit articles or SI entities - if you want to be given the priviledge to submit articles and SI entities, please get in touch with the webmaster. By far the most rewarding and important way to contribute to - make the site yours: become a site reviewer.

By becoming a reviewer you will be given access to the full structure of the database as well as to every document and piece of information submitted to it (only users' private information will not be available to site reviewers).

You will be allowed to edit nomenclatural data, fix spelling errors on the database, you will be able to reject and/or accept user proposals, moderate forum posts, add/remove photos and perform any modification to the website.

If you want to become a site reviewer, please get in touch with the webmaster.
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