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PAN (Publications, Authors and Plant Names)
IPNI/Kew|Subset Asclepiadaceae, download rel 1.0 August 23rd, 2005.

Nomenclatural Datasets:
Albers & Meve, Asclepiadaceae (2002): 3851 entries
IPNI Basionyms (Download 1 - Aug 2005): 1299 entries
IPNI Names (Download 1 - Aug 2005): 15285 entries
IPNI Nomenclatural Synonyms (Download 1 - Aug 2005): 1767 entries
Total name resolvers: 22202

Accessory Datasets:
IPNI Authors: 5766 citations (purity 95%)
IPNI Publications: 534 references (purity 54%)
Welcome to PAN, the Publication, Author and Plant Name database.

This resource lets you check a plant, author or publication name and see if there is a similar name which has been published with regard to family Asclepiadaceae. Choose the type of name you wish to check and enter the name in the dialogue box, then press search.

Hint : PAN implements an advanced similarity algorithm, so the name you are looking for can be even bad spelled - PAN is not picky on errors and will try to find what you are looking for and eventually suggest the right spelling.

If you have any questions do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

A word of notice: PAN uses the database tables as setup by the IPNI project. Even if the staff at IPNI as well as us here at try to maintain the highest degree of data correctness, some of the author names and around half of the publication names and collations might contain errors or inconsistencies (cross links not working). We are aware about this and there is an ongoing effort by IPNI to raise the quality and consistency of the indexes.
Acknowledgement: PAN uses tables and name indexes published by various authors as well as selected subsets of the International Plant Names Index (2005), published on the Internet Relevant IPNI data for family Asclepiadaceae and linked authors and publications have been accessed on August 23rd, 2005 and subsequently reprocessed for by specifically designed data mining tools. project © Copyright 2004 by the International Plant Name Index. :: PAN    39044.2428700 : 0.060  -         Portal Architecture © Fabio d'Alessi, 2004-2005.