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Meet enthusiasts, experts and botanists interested in the Stapeliads
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the Stapeliae

General introduction to the Stapeliads - About Us

Some information about us and our site
Cultivation and Propagation

How to cultivate and propagate Stapeliads;
Building a Collection

How to cultivate and propagate Stapeliads;
Contributing to

What you can do to contribute to

How to pollinate and obtain seeds from Stapeliads;
Definition and Delineation of Stapeliad Genera

Article on Stapeliads by Plowes
the International Asclepiad Society

Details about the IAS (International Asclepiad Society)
Stapeliad Links

A set of useful links pointing to internet resources dedicated to Stapeliads
To Do and Bugs

A list of requested or incomplete features as well as bugs in our website - Site Guide

A guide to
the database

Details on the database and the SI codes.
Administrivia Copyright and Notices
PDF Documents
Morphology and Pollination of Stapeliads -I.Mulej and M.Strlic, Welwitschia 2002
PDF format document, 564K.
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Guides and small documents describing the usage of

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Chronology of Stapeliads

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