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First Edited August, 14th, 2005
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  • IAS - International Asclepiad Society. This is the society grouping many Asclepiad enthusiasts from all sides of the planet. The IAS maintains a rich seedbank which often offers very rare taxa. It also publishes Asklepios, a high quality quarterly journal with articles and reports regarding Stapeliads and more in general all genera belonging to the Asclepiadaceae (Apocynaceae) family. You can read also the Introduction to IAS written for by Chris Moore at the end of 2004.

  • Stapeliads - Orchids of the Succulent World, by Dr. Jerry Barad, MD - a wonderful set of photos and the full text of the extremely useful article "Pollination of Stapeliads" by the same author, appeared on Cactus and Succulent Journal 62, 130-140 in 1990.

  • Asclepiads by Iztok Mulej - another well designed site dealing with Stapeliads and carrying an extensive set of photographs as well as articles dealing with the pollination and grafting of stapeliads.

  • the Asclepiad Exhibition by Chris Moore - as the title says, an exhibition of hundreds of excellent photographs of Stapeliads, divided by genus.

  • Asclepidarium by Dr. Friederike Huebner- a collection of photos of Stapeliads both in habitat and cultivation, information and much more.

  • Asclepiads - Hidden treasures of the desert by Martin Heigan - Martin has an extraordinary talent in macro photography - he has taken some of the best closeups ever made on stapeliads and on their pollinators. Most of his photos has been kindly donated by him to as well. This website has all his works (including closeups of other flowers and insects).

  • Asclepius by the German IG Ascleps - a portal specially dedicated to Stapeliads and to the Interessengemeinschaft Asclepiadaceae (IG-Ascleps) [group of asclepiad enthusiasts formed in Germany in 1999].

  • The Yahoo! Groups Stapeliads and Southern African Stapeliads, dealing with these wonderful plants. The first is a bigger mailing list dealing with all kind of stapeliads and other asclepiads, while the second mainly concentrate on Southern African ones.

  • the Asclepiad Page from the Succulent Plant Page website, by R.J.Hodgkiss (thanks to Zdzisiek Baranowski for the link).

  • Introduction to Ceropegias by Sage Reynolds (thanks to Zdzisiek Baranowski for the link).

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