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December 1st, 2008: Collection by Dennis de Kock : Dennis de Kock, one of the most well known experts studying stapeliads and Ceropegia, has sent a big contribution to, with an article and 400 unique images. Read the article now!

October 29th, 2011: Darrel Plowes sent us a new stapeliad checklist representing his idea of the current status of stapeliad taxonomy.

Many thanks go to Dennis and Darrel from the whole community of is a website dedicated to a group of plants often referred to as "Stapeliads".
These organisms, belonging to the botanic family of Asclepiadaceae (or Apocynaceae, according to some taxonomers), display remarkarble and unique characters such as stem succulency, stunning corolla shapes and decorations and odors ranging from the sweetest scent to the most deadly carrion smell.
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